Day 14/15 – October 2-3 – Lake Nakuru

Another very long day today, we are driving from Maasai Mara to Lake Nakuru, a trip of about six hours, and then going straight into a two-hour game drive at Lake Nakuru. The first hour was very uncomfortable travelling at speed along deeply rutted roads and we started to wonder whether we should have taken the flying option that half the group took. Fortunately after one hour the road changed to bitumen and from that point onwards the trip was great!

Inside jeep

We passed through numerous small towns and villages , all with a common feel.

Kenya town 2 Kenya town 5 Kenya town 7

Kenya town 4

Then when we entered Lake Nakuru National Park, for a whole new range of animal piccies …

This gorgeous Ugandan giraffe

Ugandan giraffe closeup 2 DSC06635

Rhinos – we actually saw one of the very rare black rhinos at a considerable distance …


and the white rhinos which we saw from very close up. Interesting fact – the white rhinos are not white! One theory is that the name is a corruption of the Dutch word “wijd” or “wide” , which describes its mouth, which as you can see from the photo is “wide”. The black rhino’s mouth is much more pointed. There are also other theories like the fact that they roll in white bird droppings which made them appear white! Also some of their horns are a lighter colour. I hope I have cleared that up for you 🙂

Rhino DSC06545

Flamingoes – this lake is famous for its flamingoes but because it is the dry season there are a lot less than normal.


We saw two species of monkey – don’t ask me what sort they were …

Monkey Monkey 2

a waterfall …

Makaria Falls

and when we got to our hotel just before sunset they drove us up to a lookout for sunset cocktails … lovely!

Lion Hill lodge drinks Lions Hill Lodge panorama

They had a long drop toilet available complete with armed guards to ensure our accuracy.

Ros and sentries

One final lovely game camp to stay in – the Lion Hill Lodge

Lion Hill Lodge entry Lion Hill Lodge bar Vire from our room

Finally it was time to go and we set off for the local airstrip. We left in two small planes, one for us and one for our bags. Ros met the pilot in charge of the bags who was a woman – good to see in a country like Kenya.

Ros and pilot

We arrived a little early, before the aircraft arrived so the local monkeys decided to put on  show for us. One of them jumped up onto one of the Landcruisers, through the pop top, grabbed a yoghurt and took off at high speed and shot up a tree. The rest of the clan were right onto it and tried to grab it from him but he was having none of it so they ended up just licking up the scraps that he spelled on the ground – so funny! Then another one jumped into another car and opened a woman’s bag and stole her orange!

Monkey and yoghurt Monkey

We flew direct to Nairobi airport, back through the cargo shed and into a tent, otherwise known as the baggage collection area, as they are still dealing with the fallout from the fire that destroyed  a large part of the airport.

Waiting in a tent

We said goodbye to the rest of the group at this stage as they were continuing on to Jordan. We had a l-o-n-g trip ahead of us, flying to Dubai with a  four-hour connection to Sydney.

A380 sitting DSC06785

Arrived in Sydney just after 10pm which is a great time to arrive – no other flights in the customs hall and little traffic on the roads. Home to the island by midnight.

What a great time we have had – thank you Captains Choice! The staff have all been wonderful and very proactive – they could not have been better!

We hope you have all enjoyed our little chronicle.

Philip and Ros



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5 Responses to Day 14/15 – October 2-3 – Lake Nakuru

  1. Ilona Culff says:

    Thank you Ros & Philip for a wonderfully written and pictorial chronicle of your amazing experiences. Next best thing to being there! Lake Nakuru and surrounds looked familiar from photos taken by my d
    Dad & sister when there in July 2011 for her 50th. Lots more flamingos then! David & Ilona xx

  2. Georgia says:

    I can’t tell you how much I loved your blog Philip … your witty repartee was excellent. Ros … how did you manage to look soooo glamorous every day and in every circumstance – just practice I suppose. I felt I almost went on the journey with you.
    Georgia x

  3. Daz and Dors says:

    Ros and Philip we have enjoyed your journal of your wonderful expedition…like reading a good book and not wanting it to come to the end! …. the photos, the comments….all so fascinating and enjoyable….just like being there with you! Thanks for the experience.
    Love Dors, Daz xxl

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