Day 8/9/10 – September 26/27/28 Chobe Game Park Botswana

Left after breakfast for the flight to Kasane in Botswana. Being the only flight attendant in the group Ros was invited to do the safety demonstration, much to everyone’s amusement. 


Arrived at Kasane International Airport to find a certain amount of chaos – it is in the process of being upgraded but has some way to go! The half-kilometre walk to the terminal from the aircraft in 40 degrees was a bit of a laugh!

DSC00572 DSC00568

Inside the lone immigration officer was somewhat overwhelmed by the arrival of 50 overseas visitors …


But it’s good to see that their HIV awareness program is alive and well.


We had a 40-minute drive to the Chobe Game Lodge deep within the Chobe National Park,

DSC00583 DSC00732

Looking across to Namibia on the other side


The land is very dry – we are here in the middle of the dry season which means that all the animals are drawn to the river to be spotted by us! After settling in we went out animal spotting in a boat. Here’s where the animal photos start – you have been warned! We did a morning cruise and and I also did a sunset cruise and we saw elephants …

DSC00817 DSC00792 DSC00869

impala …  apparently the mark on their rear end represents the Golden Arches as they are said to be the lions’ takeaway meal.


crocodiles …

DSC01023 DSC00743

kudu …


water buffalo …


birds …

DSC00684 DSC00674 DSC00650   DSC00633 DSC01014

this cormorant is unusual – it eats stones so that when it dives for fish it can go that much deeper!


hippos …


lions … unfortunately it was getting dark and the photos were all pretty blurry – hopefully we will get some better ones at Maasai Mara.


Finally the most beautiful African sunset


Then we went out in a four-wheel drive and we saw elephants …

DSC00664 DSC00667

impala … 


giraffes …

DSC00703 DSC00698

a reticulated python …


impala …


birds … one of which is the the Kori Bustard which the guide insisted was spelled b-a-s-t-a-rd. This is the largest flying bird in the world apparently!


more f*%$ing impala …


baboons … felt a bit sorry for this one. He seemed to be on the outer with the rest of the clan and looked a bit miserable and possibly horny!

DSC00658 DSC00660

wart hogs – actually I tell a lie – these were in the grounds of the hotel …


along with the cute little banded mongooses (mongeese?) that were creating havoc with the lawns outside our room.


Dinner tonight was very special –  Captains Choice had asked us if we were celebrating anything special on the trip and we told them that the trip was to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. They told us to expect something special and they arranged a private dinner for the two of us on a little timber deck looking over the river with our own private waitress, Neo, who was  a delight. It was so thoughtful and we enjoyed that so much but decided on an early night and were in bed by 9pm – this travelling is exhausting!

   DSC00621 DSC01102

We decided to have  a relaxing day on the Friday as we were still pretty tired and Ros had one of the best massages of her life! She was chatting to the massage therapist and asked her where she was from and she told her that she was from Zimbabwe. Ros told her that when she used to fly to Harare she always had a massage at the spa at the Meikles Hotel where the crew stayed and the therapist said “That would have been me – that’s where I worked and I always looked after the Qantas and British Airways crews!” Amazing!

That night we went to group dinner on the banks of the river and after the main course a group of  African singers emerged carrying a cake and seemed to be heading for our table!!! They serenaded us for about ten minutes much to everyone’s enjoyment and had us in tears! Apparently Captain’s Choice had arranged for this to happen at our private dinner the night before but because we headed off to bed so early they decided to do it in front of everyone which was so much better! Yet another highlight in a trip full of them.Thank you Captain’s Choice! 

DSC01106 DSC01108 DSC01112


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