Day 2 – Table Mountain and Stellenbosch

Up early for our first day of our stay in Cape Town and the sun is struggling to break through the clouds.


Today we are planning a cable car ride up to the peak – looking a bit dicey with the weather as the cable cars don’t operate when the wind gets too strong. So, at 8am we boarded our buses ably assisted by Davey Crockett, also known as Moses.

 DSC00128 DSC00098  

We were lucky and managed to survive the trip in a circular cable car with a  revolving floor so everyone gets to see the view in all directions – clever! Pretty darn cold at the top – very misty and even a bit of snow on the ground from a snowfall yesterday. Fortunately the cloud cleared sufficiently for a few glimpses of the amazing view. Interesting fact: All the water used at the cafe at the top is brought up in tanks under the cable car and all the sewage is brought down the same way. This also serves as ballast when it is windy – who knew human waste could be so useful!

DSC00095 DSC00099 DSC00104

We had gone up early to avoid the crowds and weren’t the only species enjoying the view!

DSC00116  DSC00117  DSC00096

Next stop Stellenbosch, the Cape’s winegrowing region, where we stopped for a short walk around the township.

DSC00132  DSC00139  DSC00138

This was followed by a visit to Blaauwklippen Winery  for some wine tasting followed by lunch. Have to say the wine was not a patch on what I am used to back home – give me a Barossa Shiraz any day!

DSC00145 DSC00143 DSC00154 DSC00156

This gorgeous little squirrel was hanging out at the winery putting on a  show.


The highlight of the day would have to be meeting  Joseph, an 11-year-old  cheetah brought in to the winery for us by the Cheetah Outreach organisation who told us there are only about 7,500 left in the world! Feeling his chest rattle as he purred loudly was an experience!


Back to the hotel by 6pm way too tired to join the group for dinner and crashed!


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